Deer Breeders Farm Layout

Again, careful planning is essential for a successful operation.  Design your range, pens, food plots, breeding areas and handling facilities in advance.  It is best to incorporate plans for future expansion at this time.  Since deer adapt well to most terrain, acreage suitable for deer farming may be relatively inexpensive.  On one prime acre of land, you may accommodate2-3 adult whitetail deer, 7-10 adult fallow deer, 4-7 adult red deer, 7-8 axis deer and 1-2 elk.

However, keeping the number of animals per acre to a minimum reduces stress on the animals.  You may find it will be more cost-effective in the long run to spread your animals out, in order to maintain the plant densities that will keep a pasture healthy and able to regenerate the following spring.

In developing the farm site, an important factor is a steady and reliable source of clean water.  Fresh water is essential to any deer’s diet.  It is also beneficial to try to use the deer’s naturally occurring travel routes and special use areas.  These paths can help to create an overall plan regarding runways for movement of stock, breeding paddocks, fawning areas and a centrally located handling facility to which stock an reasonably be moved form your special use areas.

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