About Us

Kentucky Deer Breeders was designed to showcase the best deer breeders in the state. All of the farms displayed on these websites could provide both a new deer breeder and a deer breeder who has been in the business for years with premium whitetail genetics. Our goal is to have the United States populated with only the best whitetail genetics and to provide big racks.

We make it easy for people to find you on the internet. Never being more than ONE click away from a potential buyer, you are guaranteed to have maximum exposure to thousands of unique visitors monthly!

We are proudly advertising this website in the NADeFA auction, Deertraders.com, Bucktrader.com, Buckstocker.com and in the Top 30 Sale (along with many other premium website directories). This is a great way to extend your farm name out there to the whole industry and to all the new deer breeders getting into the business!

This is your opportunity to be first on Google, Yahoo, and Bing results! We get an average of 7,000 hits per MONTH.

Now is the time to advertise your farm! This includes 5-10 pictures, your logo, and a description of your farm (pedigrees are welcome!) We rank number one on the most popular search engines and we are the ONLY breeding directory with this much exposure for deer breeders!

Call with questions or to learn how to sign up at 386-937-1208 or info@deerbreeders.com.