Pierce Whitetail Farms

Orion Whitetails

Contact: Ron & Mary Pierce
Phone: (715) 234-4071
Ron’s Cell: (715) 296-2433
Mary’s Cell: (715) 296-2432
W4661 Pierce Road
Sarona, WI 54870
Website: www.piercewhitetail.com

World Class Genetics – Proven Results

In 2012 we suffered great losses with the passing of our signature bucks Tonto, Matrix, and MaxboBucky. We are honored to have hosted them and are committed to keeping each of their genetic heritages alive through both the breeding of their live offspring and A.I.
As always, we extend an open invitation to come out this summer and take a tour of our farm as we begin preparations for the fall breeding season.

Deer farming is an enjoyable business, but it is a business! And success in business requires a plan and focus on a real end market! Our plan is to maximize early production and sales while reducing mortality.
Selling huge stocker bucks at a younger age means fewer on farm losses and more end market profit. Our genetics can do that for you, too! Our twelve year aggressive breeding program has built a batch of boys that mean real business and real profit in a real end market. Nine years of AI have finally allowed us live breeding with our own sires.
Check out our World Class Sires pedigree and photos and see for yourself.

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